The Resilience Roadmap

Presented Online by the Canadian Payroll Association in cooperation with Mark Black.

You work in a fast-paced world of continuous change. You are regularly forced to adapt in order to stay relevant and be effective. You are expected to deal with a multitude of complex issues under tight timelines that can leave you feeling unable to do your job the way you know it can be done. What if there was a better way? A way to deal with these, sometimes, chaotic situations constructively and proactively? The Resilience Roadmap will show you how.

Your resilience is your capacity to deal effectively with challenge and change strategically and proactively without burning out. Resilience is not an in-born talent, it is a learned skill, and in The Resilience Roadmap framework, Mark provides a simple 6-step process for building and employing resilience individually and in your organization.

The skills and strategies learned in this program can implemented immediately. The framework is coupled with Mark’s powerful life story battling life-threatening disease. Mark shares how he survived a Heart & Double-Lung Transplant and went on to become the only man in history to run a marathon with someone else’s heart and lungs. That story provides the emotional hook that serves to anchor the strategies he teaches and helps your people to connect with them and implement them more effectively.


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The Resilience Roadmap framework includes six steps:

  • Acknowledge: What challenges you are facing? Have you identified and articulated them clearly?
  • Accept: What lies within your control and what lies outside? Learn to use the Time/Energy Strategic Spending Strategy to ensure you are using your most precious resources effectively.
  • Adapt: What mindsets, behaviours, and habits, do you need to adapt in order to thrive under new circumstances?
  • Aim: Are you clear on your long-term vision and mission? These can provide the fuel to carry you through tremendous adversity.
  • Act: Create a simple and clear action plan for moving forward. Do it in pencil it will likely need to be adjusted.
  • Assess: After 30 days, assess your progress. How is your plan working? How does it need to be altered? What do you want to keep doing, stop doing, and start doing?

After completing this program, your organization will be equipped not only to GO through this challenging time, but also to GROW through it.

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