Senior Leadership Part 3: Effectively Handling Difficult Conversations

The Canadian Payroll Association is excited to offer a 3-part webinar series for Senior Leaders, focusing on many of the fundamental skills that Managers require to be successful people-leaders. Topics covered will include: Expanding Your Leadership Abilities, Motivate Your People Through High Performance Coaching, and Effectively Handling Difficult Conversations.

Difficult conversations are those conversations we often procrastinate having. How well we handle these “critical conversations” depends on how skilled we are at leveraging our interpersonal communication skills.

Effectively Handling Difficult Conversations will help you maximize the performance of staff, co-workers and colleagues, both individually and as a team, by provided participants with different communication styles and tools required for different conversations.

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How you will benefit:

  • Understand the benefits for both you and others in having difficult conversations
  • Identify the challenges encountered when dealing with difficult conversations
  • Develop strategies to effectively identify, prepare for, engage in and respond to difficult conversations

What you will learn:

  • How to leverage communication styles to have candid discussions on sensitive issues
  • Learn how to recognize “warning signs” of a difficult conversation that is about to derail
  • Identify the different types of difficult people and how to deal with them when issues arise

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DURÉE: 90 Min