Managing RRSP Contributions Through Payroll

RRSP contributions through payroll can be set up as a benefit with employee deductions processed each pay period, possibly with an employer match. An employer may also choose to allow employees to transfer certain types of employment income to their RRSP, such as bonuses, to defer income tax. Join us to learn how an employer Group RRSP program works, taxable benefit implications for employer contributions and what types of income an employee can transfer to an RRSP to defer income tax.


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What You Will Learn:

  • How RRSP contribution room is calculated
  • If there a minimum or maximum age for contributors
  • How to set-up a Group RRSP and develop a policy for contributions
  • What types of employment income may be transferred to an RRSP
  • What statutory deductions apply to an employer RRSP taxable benefit value

This webinar will be facilitated by Payroll Compliance Advisors from the Compliance Services and Programs department at the Canadian Payroll Association. This informative webinar will include answers to pre-submitted questions.

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DURÉE: 90 Mins