Best Practices of Employee Group Benefits

Explore advanced tools and best practices of the employee benefits industry to help you become a better negotiator at renewal.

Navigate and negotiate employee group benefits

This seminar will explore advanced tools of the Employee Benefits industry. It will provide a comprehensive, in-depth overview and analysis on employee benefits best practices to better equip participants with the tools to become better negotiators at renewal. This course will focus on group benefits primarily from a payroll, human resources and financial point of view. It is recommended that payroll professionals attend this session every two years.


To understand how your insurance company creates your employee group benefits program, to equip you with the tools to be a better negotiator at renewal. Designed for those who are interested in having an impact on the present and future of their employee benefits offering, this seminar explores the Employee Benefits industry and lifts the veil on how your benefits are actually constructed. Learn how to permanently lower your employee benefits costs through this engaging and interactive seminar.

Participants will learn:

  • How employee benefits are built
  • How to permanently lower your benefits costs
  • How to introduce wellness to lower long term costs
  • How to implement alternative risk management techniques to your plan-funding arrangement
  • More in-depth information on employee benefits and how to act quickly to implement required changes

In addition, participants will:

  • Maintain certification by obtaining CPE hours
  • Develop and enhance their careers
  • Network with other professionals

Who Should Attend?

  • Accounting managers and other professionals who need to be aware of cost implications of your benefits plan both short and long term
  • Human Resources and office managers and other business professionals with a functional responsibility for payroll and/or benefits
  • Organizations who want to review, analyze and understand their own benefits statements and reporting
  • Any payroll or human resources professional new to an organization or their position.
  • Other positions recommended attending: Office managers, business professionals, payroll practitioners.

Prerequisite / past experience:

  • Understands the concepts of Benefits
  • Previous experience in managing benefits
  • Recommended payroll professionals attend this session every two years

IMPORTANT NOTE: Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of their most recent Group Benefits Annual Renewal for case study exercises.

Your registration includes: seminar presentation, course reference manual and handouts, exercises with answers, continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments for all breaks.

Dress code is business casual. Please dress in layers to accommodate temperature fluctuations.

CANCELLATIONS OR SEMINAR TRANSFER: Requests must be received in writing at least five (5) business days prior to the seminar date. Please note a cancellation fee or transfer fee in the amount of $50 plus applicable taxes per day/per registrant for all sessions cancelled or transferred will apply. Cancellation or transfer requests received less than 5 business days prior to the seminar date are not eligible for transfer or refund.

FOR ANY QUESTIONS or concerns regarding this registration, please contact member services at


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