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What's Keeping Your HR Colleagues Up at Night? - Archived Webinar

HR and payroll are different professions, but there is an overlap between their functions. Payroll and HR often work together delivering programs, and payroll professionals need to understand the issues faced by HR. They include return to work challenges, skill and talent shortages, employee motivation, retention and engagement, attracting and retaining diverse talent, increased digitization of the economy and fears about the disruption of departments, functions, and entire industries.

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Payroll Analytics and Reporting - Archived Webinar

As payroll moves away from being a clerical task to a more analytical and strategic function, payroll professionals should be prepared to produce and analyze various payroll reports to provide a narrative to management on issues surrounding payroll costs, headcount and employee turnover. This informative webinar will assist you in developing reports to enable you to make key decisions and provide greater insight into data analytics on payroll costs and performance management.

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Tips and Strategies for Payroll Professionals Wearing Multiple Hats - Archived Webinar

Research conducted by the Canadian Payroll Association shows that the majority of payroll professionals handle responsibilities beyond payroll, especially in smaller organizations where payroll processing is outsourced. In this webinar you will learn tips and strategies for managing priorities, delegating tasks, leading projects, managing relationships, working with providers and consultants, and developing skills to make you more effective in your role.

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Temporary Simplified Work From Home Deduction and the New T2200S Form - Archived Webinar

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian employees are working from home as a result of COVID19. Both the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec have announced a temporary simplified method for claiming a deduction for work-from-home expenses for the 2020 tax year. This method will permit an employee to claim up to $400 without the need to maintain detailed receipts or obtain a signed employer declaration.

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Déduction simplifiée temporaire pour travail à domicile et nouveau formulaire T2200S

Des centaines de milliers d'employés canadiens travaillent depuis leur domicile à cause de la COVID-19. L'Agence du revenu du Canada et Revenu Québec ont annoncé l'adoption d'une méthode simplifiée temporaire pour calculer la déduction des dépenses liées au travail à domicile pour l'année d'imposition 2020. Cette méthode permettra aux employés de réclamer jusqu'à 400 $ sans produire de pièces justificatives détaillées et sans obtenir de déclaration signée de l'employeur.

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Rapprochements de Fin d'Année

Le traitement de la paie est une procédure complexe qui exige que le professionnel de la paie accorde une attention méticuleuse et constante à la gestion des données, à partir de leur compilation jusqu'au processus final de rapprochement. En 2020, le processus de vérification de l'équilibre des comptes en fin d'année sera encore plus complexe pour les employeurs qui ont profité de la subvention salariale temporaire de 10 % et d'autres programmes gouvernementaux.

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Session 1: Tailoring Your Leadership Approach - Archived Webinar

Navigating the New Normal: Effective Leadership Fundamentals - Session 1 only includes Tailoring Your Leadership Approach. For the full webinar series, please select the three-part bundle.

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Dispelling the Myths on Conditions of Employment (Forms T2200/TP-64.3) - Archived Webinar

An essential webinar for those with employees who are required pay their own expenses while conducting business as a condition of employment. Learn all about the T2200/TP-64.3 forms required for employees to claim deductions for expenses on their personal tax return, and how to complete them. Find out what records to maintain and how to develop policies.

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