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Notions fondamentales de la paie 2

Étudiez plus en profondeur la matière abordée dans Notions fondamentales de la paie 1. Explorez des procédures et des exigences gouvernementales plus complexes. Ce séminaire interactif et ses exercices couvrent les principes fondamentaux des avantages imposables, des allocations et avantages sociaux, des cessations d’emploi et des saisies-arrêts.

Places disponibles Montreal, QC


Principes fondamentaux des RH pour les professionnels de la paie

Faites connaissances avec les principales fonctions des RH. Ce séminaire est conçu à l’intention des professionnels de la paie et autres qui aspirent à améliorer leurs compétences en RH. Apprenez-en plus sur les méthodes, approches et meilleures pratiques de cette profession, du recrutement jusqu’à la cessation d’emploi, en passant par l’orientation, l’intégration, la gestion du rendement et la rémunération.

Places disponibles La Prairie, QC


Learning Payroll II

Expand on the concepts from Learning Payroll I by exploring more complex processes and government requirements. This interactive, exercise-based seminar covers the fundamentals of irregular payments such as bonuses, best practices and procedures for correcting payroll errors, government remittances and reporting, along with basic termination information and how to complete the ROE.

Places disponibles Kitchener, ON


Employment Standards

Get a comprehensive, plain-language review of employment standards federally and by jurisdiction to help you stay compliant and avoid litigation. Hands-on exercises cover hours of work, public holidays, paid and unpaid leaves, vacation, termination and records retention.

Places disponibles Barrie, ON


Special Payments & Completing the ROE

Get a comprehensive overview of how to handle any special payment that differs from regular wages – like bonuses and commissions, payments at termination, top-ups and more. You’ll also learn how to correctly complete the Record of Employment (ROE).

Places disponibles Richmond Hill, ON


Taxable Benefits & Allowances

Avoid government audits. Know the rules on the more than 40 common taxable benefits and allowances included in employment income, such as automobile allowances, loan and stock options, gift cards, and more. Make sure your employer is accurately withholding, remitting and complying with year-end reporting requirements.

Places disponibles Vaughan, ON


International Assignments

Be prepared for the implications of paying international assignees – either Canadians working in another country or foreign national employees who transfer to Canada.

Places disponibles Mississauga/CHSI, ON


Excel Training for Payroll Professionals

Enhance your Excel skills, increase your productivity and improve the accuracy of your reports to ensure compliance with the various government requirements. Learn through hands-on, interactive exercises tailored to the roles and responsibilities of payroll professionals, and explore Excel tips and tricks to make everyday activities and reporting more efficient.

Places disponibles Edmonton, AB


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